Colin Menzies
Colin Menzies is an award-winning artist who collaborates internationally
in creating film, music, fashion, and dance under the alias of
The Subliminal Rabbit.

After completing the Art Direction Program
at Central Saint Martin's in England, Colin
has been involved in a series of progressive projects.
His illustrative work has been published in Europe
and shown in New York and Tokyo.
His work with children from the Boys & Girls Club
has been exhibited at the Creative Kids Museum, and he was
commisioned by the City of Calgary to create a
mural with city youth for the Board of Education building.
was selected for the Oska Bright film festival
and received Prospect's collaboration award for 2009.

Colin recently released a dance music album as
The Subliminal Rabbit that was
circulated by DJ's and received radio play.

The thread in this vision has been the image of a rabbit
hiding in every visual piece created, thus the name
"Subliminal Rabbit".

The goal of this project is to bring Colin's drawings
'to life' in a film project that will combine writing, music,
photography, fashion design, and dance choreography.

Welcome to

"The Subliminal Rabbit Presents..."

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